Davis Malm & Frederic Remington


The images used on these web pages and in all our collateral material are from Frederic Remington paintings. Frederic Remington (1861–1909) was born in upstate New York. He began his artistic career as an illustrative journalist chronicling westward expansion and, by the end of his life, became one of the most recognized and revered American artists. In his paintings and illustrations he captured the spirit of the land and the people of the American West – their independence, pride, resourcefulness and commitment.

How did a mid-size law firm in Boston come to be associated with this icon of American art?

Several years ago, in order to provide the highest quality service, our firm conducted a client survey to help us understand how our clients perceived us and what our clients liked – or did not like – about us. Most of our clients had been with us for several years, in many cases for more than 20 years, and were in a special position to offer us an honest perspective on the firm and our lawyers. They described us as pioneering, dedicated, determined, persistent, responsive, fast, independent, resourceful, and as "outside-the-box" thinkers – on the whole, unlike other lawyers with whom they had worked.

The attributes they listed were those to which we aspired. They reminded us of the pioneers and independent spirit of the Old West. Seeking to reflect this pioneering spirit with images, we turned to the artist who had best portrayed these qualities – Frederic Remington. Coincidentally, this spirit was captured in action as litigators for the firm were battling against attorneys from Boston's and New York's largest law firms in what was to become a landmark case. At one point, an observer counted nineteen of their attorneys in the courtroom to our three and told our team that it was outnumbered. In response, one of our litigators proclaimed, "Outnumbered, but not outgunned." In this single statement, our essence was captured. We won the case and achieved for our client a judgment that for many years was the largest in Massachusetts history. Independent, resourceful, dedicated – the Frederic Remington images capture the essence of who we are and how we approach our work.

We look different from other law firms in Boston because we are different.